Everybody wants to feel good about going to work.

Lots of people go into landscaping because they love being outside.
That’s pretty rewarding, right?

Fresh air. Birds singing. No desk in sight. Sometimes an ice cream truck jingles past, so you can eat a Nutty Buddy on your break. Sweet.
But some landscape career rewards might surprise you, from pay and benefits packages to opportunities for advancement and growth.

Is a career in landscaping rewarding? You bet. Here’s a look:

There’s Something for Everybody

Sure, there’s lawn mowing involved. But so much more.

Crew members solve problems, create great new spaces and make landscapes beautiful. Landscape designers create artistry from the ground up. Field supervisors combine people skills with organizational know-how to make sure jobs are done just right.

level green team inspects flower bed

As the landscaping industry uses more and more innovative technology, the skills companies look for are changing.

Do you have critical thinking skills? Are you great with a video game controller?

Landscaping jobs look different in the robot age. In the coming years, a Level Green employee might sit behind a screen, see a robot mower struggle with a certain task, and need to take over manual operations.

Level Green will need people who can work with and debug software, who have electrical skills to look after robot charging stations, who are good at mapping robot mowing patterns.

Using your skills in all kinds of new ways is rewarding.

Spending Time Outside

Spending time outside in nature improves your physical and mental health, wards off illness, and actually make you happier.

Scientists and researchers have been telling us this for years, but, honestly, we already knew.

level green team member walks property

It’s why we go fishing. It’s why we visit the beach, hike in the mountains, camp in the woods, tend backyard gardens.

Why limit the outdoor fun to after work and weekends? A career in landscaping sets you up with a fresh air office.

Opportunities to Give Back

If the landscaping company you work for cares about giving back to the community, your work is extra rewarding.

Level Green landscaping team members have done volunteer spring cleaning at a homeless prevention support center that provides shelter and services; taught community residents how to build rain gardens; worked with school children installing plants on their school grounds; cleaned up area watersheds and more.

Level Green volunteers at The Light House

It’s part of doing the right thing,” says Division Manager Paul Wisniewski. “We want to support the community, and help make it better for the people who live here.”

The Rewards of Family Time

While we work hard here at Level Green, we know the value of down time, too. We’re a family-owned company, so family time is important here. When you’re off, you’re off, so you can spend time with loved ones.

Rewarding Benefits

Every landscaping company is different, but Level Green Landscaping offers a number of employee benefits that improve their employees’ lives:

  • Health Insurance options.
  • A 401K Plan Match. Sign up for Level Green’s 401K retirement savings plan and Level Green will kick in some money, too.
  • Paid Time Off. After one year of service, Level Green employees get paid time off, to use for vacation, personal days, or sick days.
  • Help with Student Loan Payments. Level Green’s student loan repayment program will contribute $100 a month toward student loan debt for managers, helping to pay the balance off sooner.
  • Tuition Assistance. Here at Level Green, we offer education assistance. If you want to take classes to better yourself in this industry, we’ll help pay for it. Level Green reimburses 50 percent of tuition on any industry-related class or certification, if you earn a C or higher.

Stay on the Move

Working in landscaping keeps you active and on the move — even if you’re not working in the field on a landscaping crew.

Our account managers are always on the move, walking sites with property managers and visiting job sites for quality inspections.

level green account manager on site

Our operations managers are out on job sites every day.

Landscape designers and estimators get out of the office to explore properties.

You won’t sit still for long.

There’s Room to Grow

Excuse that plant pun, but there really is great room for advancement in the landscape industry.

There’s all kinds of upward mobility, and that’s hugely rewarding.

Here at Level Green, your career might start with our great management training program, where you learn on the job how to be an account manager or operations manager— then step right into your new position.

level green team meets on property

Examples of great career growth are everywhere here at Level Green.

Good crew members are always in demand, and the company will continue to hire for growth. We’re kind of famous for moving people up and promoting from within. And everybody here is happy to help you along the way.

You’ll Learn A Lot

Learning is rewarding, and there’s a lot of learning around here.

level green team training

New equipment to master. New processes to learn. New customers with unique needs. It keeps your mind moving.

You Can Be Creative

At a dynamic and growing landscaping company, everybody is always looking for better ways to do things. That gives you the opportunity to be creative, and have your ideas welcomed.

level green experts inspect property

Great landscaping companies love new ideas, at every level. Level Green crew leaders developed new ways of loading equipment on trucks.

Contributing ideas and seeing them come to life is rewarding.

There’s Job Security

The landscaping industry is in the midst of a labor shortage, which means they need good people and they’ll want them to stay on, grow, and move up in the company.

You’ll Feel Pride In Your Work

Talk to anybody who works in landscaping and you hear stories about how great it feels to transform properties and create beauty.

level green account manager inspects flower

There’s pride in planting new gardens; landing a new customer; passing on your skills to the new crew member; watching an idea you had become part of the company’s work flow.

Landscaping work is tangible. You can see the difference you make. That feels great.

Discover a Rewarding Career at Level Green

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Our team members receive competitive pay and benefits and have the opportunity to move up within the company.

We love what we do, and we’re always looking for others who feel the same way.
And with our projected growth ahead, it’s an exciting time to come on board.

Are you ready to work for a strong, successful company where you’ll find a multitude of rewards?

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