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In one comprehensive stop, you’ll learn about what we do, hear from our team in their own words, read fun profiles about the fascinating people who work here, get a sneak peek at our job interview questions, discover a career growth path and much more.

You can even read about the fantastic food at Level Green. We love to eat. 

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We always have some.

We’ll be adding two branches going into 2020, and they’ll have to be fully staffed. 

We’re looking for more supervisors that we’ll be able to move up as operations managers in two years.

We always have a crucial need for great crew members.


Watch Our Videos

Visit our video gallery to see firsthand a day in the life of a crew member, account manager and operations manager. 

Hear our team members tell about the unique culture here. 

It’s the next best thing to being here. 

Read About Our Fascinating Team 

You’ll work with some amazing people here.

See for yourself — read our Close-up stories, in-depth profiles about our team members where they share what they do at Level Green, and the fun they have away from work. 

“You can really get to know the people you’ll work with,” says Michael Mayberry, Level Green Landscaping’s chief technical officer. 

Ryan Rimshaw 3

Ryan Rimshaw (pictured) owns five dogs and built a train track around his house with a working train you can ride. The dogs love it.

Wayne Taylor traveled the world in the U.S. Marine Corps, has six kids and a spider-eating cat. 

Mario Argeta Perez was a substitute math teacher at a university in Guatemala before moving to the U.S. and worked with farmers to teach them budgeting skills.

Todd Mayberry is a former golf pro and plays the ukulele. 

The list goes on. Everybody has a story.

“It’s a great opportunity to get to know our team,” Mayberry says, “and see our friendly faces before you even walk in the door.”

Need Career Advice? We’ve Got It

Discover the interview questions we’ll likely ask you.

Wondering about the difference between a career in landscaping and one in construction? Our construction branch manager Paul Weaver lays it out for you. 

Wondering what you need in order to apply? Maybe a couple resume tips? The best time to apply? 

Check, check and check.

“We basically give you the playbook,” Mayberry says.

Check Out Your Career Growth 

See our chart that shows how your career can grow at Level Green

Level Green Landscaping career growth chart

“It shows the upward mobility possible here,” Mayberry says. “We want people to succeed. There’s more to landscaping than cutting grass.”

Your career might start with our great management training program, where you learn on the job how to be an account manager or operations manager— then step right into your new position. 

You’ll find out more about that in our career center — and hear firsthand from people like account manager Emilie Roper who took that track. 

We Make It Easy For You 

We know you do all your job research online. So we put everything you need — and even some stuff you don’t expect — all in one convenient place. 

“We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this,” Mayberry says. “It’s a great way to get an understanding of what it’s really like to work here.” 

We’re proud of the helpful career information we’ve curated on our site. 

We work with Landscape Leadership, a marketing company that specializes in the landscaping industry, to continually build an informative, up to date, comprehensive website that makes it easy to get to know us.

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