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What do you look for in a new job?

Great pay? Vacation time? A company vehicle to drive?

None of that matters if your employer isn’t growing.

Michael Mayberry, chief technical officer at Level Green Landscaping, has contributed to his company’s steady growth, and sees a lot more of it down the road.

He shares six reasons why joining a growing landscaping company is a key to your career success.

It’s kind of overwhelming to be a brand new account manager at a landscaping company.

So many clients. So many needs.

“Clients realize they don’t know everything about their property’s landscaping, but they expect us to,” says Emilie Roper, account manager at Level Green Landscaping.

Roper graduated with a horticulture degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho, so she knew plenty.

But it was the several months she spent in Level Green Landscaping’s management training program that really set her up for success. She learned on the job how to be an account manager before being promoted to the role, spending time in every department of the growing company.

When Margaret Hoffman's kids were in elementary school, their teachers told them their mom would make a great teacher.

A teacher? Hoffman laughed it off.

She was an urban forestry expert. A native plant lover. A landscape designer.

“I thought there was no way I had the patience to be a teacher,” she says.

Those grade school teachers were pretty smart.

These days, Hoffman is assistant professor of landscape contracting at Pennsylvania State University.

And she loves it.

Not sure what the future holds for you after high school graduation?

If you love to be outside, like to work with your hands and are a good team player, landscaping might be a perfect fit.

Level Green Landscaping branch manager James Kole tells how a landscaping job straight out of high school can be the start of something big.

Never pass up a landscaping industry job fair. They’re full of possibility.

But they can be hectic, loud, and packed with people just like you angling for face time and information.

How to make the most it?

Brooks Lee, account manager at Level Green Landscaping, shares some tips.

Lee staffed a Level Green Landscaping booth at a job fair last fall at Virginia Tech and attended several fairs as a student at the University of South Florida.

“Talking to people, getting a sense of the company culture, can really help you figure out where would be a good fit for you,” Lee says.

For the best fair experience, follow these tips.