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There’s a lot to love about the changing seasons here in the Mid-Atlantic — plump porch pumpkins in fall, the first grilled burgers of summer, the thrill of remembering where you put your snow brush as the first flakes fly.

Your commercial property landscaping marks the changing seasons, too, from spring daffodils to falling leaves to smart dormant pruning in winter. 

Seasonal landscape maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your commercial property landscaping healthy, thriving, tidy and impressive.

Winter is always a wild card here in the Mid-Atlantic.

Sometimes it crashes in with multiple storms and treacherous ice slicks

Other times, you wonder why you bothered spending so much time searching for your boots. (Next time, maybe don’t store them in the garage behind the beach umbrella.)

It makes it tricky to prepare your property for commercial snow and ice management, right?

Remember when you decided being on your HOA landscaping committee sounded like fun?

Flowers! Green spaces! Pondering cool amenities like walking trails and dog parks! 

But when you’re an HOA board member, let’s face it — landscaping can be kind of stressful.

You want your community to look great, feel welcoming, and attract new buyers. You want to protect your property value. You know landscaping plays a huge part.