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How trendy are you?

Do you have a dog park, a fire pit, and permeable pavers? 

No? Let’s try again.

Do you have a mini golf course, a green roof, and robot lawn mowers?

No? Hmmm. Let’s get to work boosting your property’s commercial landscaping trends. 

Check out these popular landscaping ideas for commercial properties:

Nobody needs to tell a property manager about rising costs and pinched budgets.

It’s impossible to escape.

So when it’s time to renew the contract for your commercial landscape maintenance, you probably expect to see that cost increase, too. It just makes sense. 

“It’s been a tough market,” says Larry Leon, director of business development at Level Green Landscaping. 

Prices are up across the board, he says, but not everybody understands that affects the landscaping business, too.

What factors affect the cost of commercial landscape maintenance in Washington DC?

Winter can be rough on your property’s irrigation system.

Water may have seeped in over the past few months, freezing and thawing, causing landscape damage.

Sprinkler heads can be clogged with debris. Your pump might need some attention after all these months.

What’s your irrigation start up plan? Turn on the water and hope for the best?

We have a better idea. Use our spring irrigation system start-up checklist to make sure your system is ready for another successful watering season.

Take these irrigation start up steps to save water, money and prevent a mid-summer meltdown.

If you manage a municipality, you know all kinds of landscaping needs pop up.

Hundreds of acres of finicky grass that needs mowing three times a week. Historic buildings that need landscaping that looks like it did in 1906. Environmental disasters. So. Many. Pavers. 

Everybody wants to love where they work.

While there are a lot of factors that make up a great workplace, landscape amenities can make a big impact.

Think walking trails. Contemplative gardens. Rooftop patios.

Start with an appealing, inviting entrance, and you make both employees and visitors happy to walk through the door.

The Washington DC area has two distinctly different corporate campus environments. Downtown companies have different options than a suburban corporate campus.

Let’s take a look at some of the options for corporate campus landscaping amenities:

Lots of great relationships involve hand-holding — it’s a key part of sunset strolls on the beach, right?

But when it comes to your relationship with your commercial landscaping company, you don’t have time for hand-holding. You need them to take the lead, get the job done, and make both you and your landscaping look good.

A lush green lawn impresses visitors, attracts potential tenants and shows the community you care about your business.

But healthy turf does a lot more than make your property look pretty.

It reduces run-off, minimizes erosion, cleans the air, neutralizes pollutants and absorbs rainwater.

And you thought it just felt good on bare feet.

Want a healthy lawn for your commercial property? Fertilizing is key.

Here’s what you need to know about commercial turf fertilization: