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An HOA community is bustling with activity: people strolling, kids playing, dogs frolicking, somebody complaining about something. (You know who you are.)

Streets and sidewalks are lined with everything from parked cars to skateboarders to kids’ sticky lemonade stands. (Neighborhood tip: make a kid happy and buy a cup.)

That means HOA landscapers have to take extra precautions as they mow, trim, and edge.

Read through any contract, and you’re bound to have some questions: What does this mean? Is everything I need included? Who is responsible for what?

Getting all of your questions answered is a must before you sign a contract. You want to make sure you know exactly what is included and if the company is qualified to handle the project.

If you’re really in the mood for tacos, would you head to a restaurant known for making great tacos, or a place that makes tacos and potato salad?

You’d pick the taco place, right? If they only make tacos, they’re experts. (Plus, everybody knows your mom makes the best potato salad.)

So if you manage a commercial property, and you’re weighing hiring a commercial landscaper vs. residential landscapers that also service commercial properties, the choice seems clear, right?

Or, it will, once we chat with Jenna Visco, a northern Virginia branch manager at Level Green Landscaping.

Hey, not every plant can live at a botanical garden, right? Sometimes you wake up, stretch your leaves, and realize your new home is next to hot black asphalt.

Some plants know how to say, “Cool,” and make the best of it.\

Beware the red flags. They’re the pesky items in your commercial landscape contract that should make you pause and think, “Wait a minute. What?”

Contracts are designed to protect both you and your landscaping company. You need a solid one from the get-go to prevent potential problems down the road.

Read through your commercial landscape contract thoroughly before you sign it. If something isn't clear, ask questions. A good company will be up front about all contract items and be happy to explain them.

Here are six red flags to look for in your commercial landscape contract.