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Bill Hardy

Bill Hardy

Bill Hardy swims with sharks and shoots off an astonishingly large display of exploding fireworks every Fourth of July. So when his friend and former colleague Doug Delano asked if he wanted to go into business together, honestly, it didn’t seem too scary.

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Imagine drifts of vibrant yellow daffodils on your property as far as the eye can see, casually blooming as if Mother Nature scattered the bulbs with cheerful abandon.

Except Mother Nature didn’t plant them — your landscaping crews did, using a planting technique called "naturalizing" that makes it look like the flowers popped up naturally in waves of impressive color.


Here’s what you need to know about naturalizing bulbs to make it happen on your commercial property.

You know you have a daffodil expert in your midst when you find out he planted 10,000 of the cheerful spring flowers on his property.

Let’s hit Doug Delano up for advice now, before it’s bulb planting season again and the Level Green founding partner disappears for the next planting marathon.

What types does he plant? What are the best daffodil bulbs? Any pro planting tips?

He’s got you covered.