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The latest buzz about bees isn’t good.

Over the past few years, beekeepers have reported unusually high losses of bees in their hives.

Bee experts say the losses are due to invasive mites, new diseases, pesticide poisoning and changes to the habitats where bees forage.  

Hives can’t sustain themselves without worker bees, so this loss, called Colony Collapse Disorder, is alarming.

What can we do? Add plants and flowers to our landscapes that bees and other busy pollinators love.

No time to research all that?

Relax — we did it for you. Our crews will even install the best pollinator plants to make your property buzz-worthy.

Fall is for football, sweaters, pumpkins, cider — and planting.

If you think spring is the best time of year to put plants in the ground, well, fall is offended.

Don't be fooled by the chill in the air. The ground is plenty warm enough for plants.

“Fall is optimal to plant just about anything,” says Scott Rupert, account manager at Level Green Landscaping.

Here’s a look at the benefits of fall planting:

Tropical plants in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia?

You bet. These exotic beauties won't survive outside in the winter, but, treated as annuals, they add eye-catching drama to your commercial property in a host of ways.

They’re dramatically different than the typical annuals people are used to seeing in beds and pots, so tropicals automatically attract attention.

What are the best tropical plants for Washington DC? We can’t wait to show you — along with some ideas on how and where to use them to add instant impact to your commercial property.

Don’t let your property go dormant as cooler temperatures make their way to Washington DC this fall. Instead, bring some lively color to your commercial landscape with bright container plants.

Some plants hit their stride during the fall months, helping to extend your site’s color. Plus, the container itself can add some visual interest to your property with a variety of colors, sizes and designs to choose from. They are especially useful for sites that don’t have much green space.

Keep your landscape in season by installing some of these 26 container plants for fall color in Washington DC.